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Підтверджуючи замовлення, я приймаю умови угоди і даю згоду на обробку моїх персональних даних. Детальніше:
Сool tool with ready-mixed watercolor paints inside.
It makes your sketching more comfortable and gives you invisible support
PaintIN Sketchbook (5,9" x 7,9") - 43$
PaintIN Sketchbook
All-in-one for a better sketch

- 12 blank pages A5 of Canson Montval 300 gsm.;
- 12 palettes with ready-mixed watercolor paints Van Gogh Royal Talens;
- 1 sheet to place between your sketch and palette;
- Aqua brush - average size.

How it works
Innovative method - mix&draw
Mixing colors - MIX
PaintIN Sketchbook has 12 colored palettes. Watercolor mixes are applied on special palettes which keep the trace of smear. Each palette has different color gamma and has enough paints to color 2 sheets A5. As you can see, applied watercolors on the palette are already art. I use professional watercolor paints by Royal Talens to prepare mixes. Color mixes made with the best tradition of old masters recipes. Select the color shade and then add some water to make a desirable mixture.
Applying colors - DRAW
Choose the place on paper (here the is already a sketch on paper) and apply the color. You can prewash the paper before, in order to use the wet-on-wet technique. It makes sense if you cover big areas like the sky or water. Once the painting is ready, place extra page between palette and painting to preserve the painting of being accidentally stained.

Innovation & Watercolor tradition with a bit of magic
Upgraded tool to create professional watercolos
Innovative & Creative
Pick the color you need directly from palette integrated into a sketchbook. Ready watercolor mixes are applied on special palettes, made of the material which: 1. keeps the trace of smear as it is, 2. does not absorb water & paints, 3. white background revealing the true shade of watercolor paint, 4. the paint is easily picked up by a brush.
Unique & Individual
Applied watercolors, as if directed by a higher magical power, create aways a unique color gamma on each palette. But the artist with its own vision and energy is the only person who can transform these colors into an individual piece of art
High quality & Tradition
PaintIN Sketchbook is created using superior quality paper Canson and professional watercolor paints by Royal Talens. Color mixes made with the best tradition of old masters recipes. Colore recipes are based on the 40 years experience of Andrej Gerasimyuk, one of the TOP20 watercolorists. They are made of steady colors which bleach less. I tested 4 years watercolors on direct sunlight and selected the most stable paints
Sketchbook gives invisible support by creating conditions under which an artist learns to 1. use more natural shades and light tones. 2. pick up exacter shades 3. exercise to paint in a given gamma. 4. concentrate on painting using a limited number of tools 5. paint in plein-air quicker. Moreover, by QRcode you can send your painting to master for advice by email.
It envokes the feeling of inspiration. As color gamma is already harmonized on a palette, it results almost always in a beautiful watercolor painting. On each step of the art process, watercolor looks vivid and atmospheric giving the artist a feeling of inspiration. Plein-air painting takes 30-40 min instead of 2-3 hours.
All-in-one sketchbook is portable (5,9'' x 8,7") and fits almost any bag. It has all necessary to create art where and when you want:
1. superior watercolor paper - 12 sheets
2. professional paints - more than 20 ml
3. aqua brush - middle size
4. value chart - to assess the tone
5. a swatch paper to clean the brush
You can easily pick up watercolor paints from the palette integrated into a sketchbook on watercolor paper. You can use it under any conditions of weather.
Child Friendly
Normally children become their first experience with painting with only open, saturated colors, using them everywhere. According to numerous experiments, children use much more shades from PaintIN Sketchbook while creating watercolors. Een 3-years old children pick up the exact color of what they intend to paint. It makes a lot of un to use always different color shades.
Applying watercolors on the palette is already art. Palettes look like abstract paintings with already harmonized color mixes. The game is when you create your art under existed color conditions. You try to put colors in another sequence creating a new painting
Used/empty palettes you can reuse by applying new color mixes. You can add new sheets by simply putting them between palettes. Another way is to put the palette in a frame. It could be a beautiful abstract painting.
CSR - creating new workplaces
A process of production excludes machines. Numerous experiments show, that watercolor feels and needs human energy to be correctly applied on palettes. It is completely manual. That is why every 1000 sketchbooks/month will create 1 additional place with meaningful work. While applying, a person is constantly searching for a better-looking watercolor traces
What you'll get
Opportunity to create art wherever you are
Create art wherever you are
Do your favorite thing more often, with PaintIN Sketchbook it is very easy to paint whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy the process of painting
It makes you relaxed and inspired
It is already well-known that the art process makes people more relaxed, especially, when you succeed with a painting. The PaintIN Sketchbook makes the art process more inspiring because it looks nice in every step.
Easy and fast painting - save time
Now you can easily paint sunsets and other states of nature, which quickly disappear. You can make a quick interior sketch for a client showing a preferred gamma. A sketch can take 15-30 min.
Instagram feedback about PaintIN sketchbook
Beginner and professional artists react on the first presentation of the method #mixndraw
Video-review from Myriam Tillson
Detailed review of PaintIN Sketchbook
PaintIN Sketchbook (5,9" x 7,9")

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