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Step-by-step tutorial by Andrej Gerasimyuk (ranked in TOP20 world's watercolorists)

Artbook tutorial
"Watercolor trip to Italy"

Watercolor artbook "Watercolor trip to Italy" KIT (5,9"x9")

34.99 $

Made of Italian watercolor paper Fabriano
The book shows how just in a few steps you can learn painting with watercolor. The authors share their expertise and secrets of watercolor techniques in the form of step-by-step interactive lessons.

This listing includes:
- Artbook "Watercolor trip to Italy";
- da Vinci Travel Series 943 Mini Round Watercolor Brush (Synthetic with Black Handle, Size 4);
- Professional watercolors from van Gogh Royal Talens on the palette. Quantity is enough to finish 2 books;
- Special watercolor palette, where brush strokes stay the same without making a drop;

Artbook contains 23 step-by-step lessons with Italian landscapes, 38 b/w sketches* 10x15 cm (3,94"x5,9") , 4 b/w sketches 13x18 cm (5,12"x7,1"). Sketch* - light draft drawing printed on watercolor paper, which is going to be filled later with watercolors. Each lesson consists of 3 patterns and step-by-step instructions: how to mix colors, technique sequence, use of materials.
Its structure
Step-by-step tutorial contains 23 lessons with Italian landscapes
Follow detailed instructions
Paint with watercolor on a sheet with a ready sketch
Your painting is ready!
Our buyers
Designers &
who are willing to improve their watercolor techniques
Beginners &
wanting to try how to paint with watercolors in a simple and effective way. Learn to draw from photos
Gift Finder
looking for trendy, creative
and original gifts
The advantages of the book
Clear structure
The instructions for the lessons clearly described the sequence of actions, color mixes and water dosage. Focusing on learning professional tricks in a simple way
Paint directly in the artbook
The world's first tutorials printed on watercolor paper - practice right on the pages!
Watercolor KIT and the book - the result of handmade. Book binding is made with waxed thread.
Learn from Master
Step-by-step instructions were created together with Andrei Gerasimyuk, one of the best watercolorists in the world. For professionals, our books can be an additional source of knowledge.
Video courses
The process of creating watercolors is additionally shown in the video lessons from the authors. But they are in russian.
Watercolor - trend
The use of watercolor (watercolor pencils, markers) has become a trend in many areas: interior design, fashion, web design. Learning how to paint with watercolors is a good investment!
Master's advice
For a special QRcode from the book, you can send photos of your work to the authors and get feedback with detailed tips for improvement.
To eliminate errors when copying the sample to the final sheet, a preliminary sketch has already been drawn.
Original gifts
For this book, you can create 23 finished watercolors of standard sizes. Pictures can be framed and used as a gift to a girl or boyfriend
About authors
Андрей Герасимюк. Автор книги
Andrej Gerasimyuk (born in 1970)
ranked in the world's TOP20
famous Ukrainian watercolor painter, which is ranked in the world's TOP20 according to Kuzema ranking. He is several times finalist in the competition of the Artist's Magazine in 2008 and 2009 and finalist in the XXI Century Watercolor Open Competition organized by the Royal Watercolor Society etc. In TOP100 among 16000 participants. He was also the artist of the month in the USA.

Виталий Дець. Автор книги
Vitali Dets (born in 1981)
finalist of TOYP 2014
Ukrainian artist, who invented his own method to learn painting within one day. He is the first to have started it in Ukraine. Since 2005, more than 5000 amateur artists created their own paintings within one day in his studio. Vitali implemented his method in the book "Watercolor trip to Italy" to simplify learning.
3 reasons to start your "Watercolor trip"
The technique is time tested!
Synergy of two masters. 15 years of training experience. 7500 people helped Vitali to improve the method of fast learning. 40 years of Andrej's watercolor painting experience were used as the basis for watercolor tutorials.
Quality &
Our product contains a unique technological solution. We use high-quality materials for the manufacture of our books: watercolor paper from the Italian manufacturer Fabriano, Dutch paints Royal Talens
Social Proof &
Good results
More than 3000 customers around the world have already begun their "Watercolor trip" with our books. Many have already successfully passed all the books in this series. Below are the works of buyers of our books.
Our customers publish watercolors from books in Instagram #painting_book
Customer Reviews
***** A very nicely packaged set including everything you need for watercoloring. The quality of items in the set is very high.It's a great gift for artsy people and watercoloring beginners. The colored pictures may be a nice decoration for your home or even a gift to your friends/family. Highly recommended :)
Jan Myler
Feb 24, 2018
***** I have learned so much from these books. It's nice to paint away from home without carrying a lot of paint and supplies. The online lessons are also a great learning resource.
Susan Greider
Sep 2, 2018
Artbook "Watercolor trip to Italy" (5,9" x 9")
34.99 $

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